Library Services for Educators:

Need books on a particular subject? Contact the children’s library and we will collect books for you and send them to your school library.

Getting a Library Card For Your Child:

Children enrolled in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District are automatically given library accounts with access to the First City Libraries Consortium, which includes the Ketchikan Public Library, all school district libraries, and the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library.

Any child not enrolled in the school system who is able to write their name can sign up for a library card if accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid library card.

Library Visits:

We invite you to schedule a class visit to the library. We will tailor the visit to meet the information needs and reading level of students in kindergarten through 8th grade. All library visits will include a grade-appropriate tour and time to select and check out books. Contact us at 228-2306 to set up an appointment.

Fast Track Virtual School:

Fast Track is a home school program that provides digital curriculum options, assistance with traditional book and paper options, as well as assistance for parent designed curriculum with highly qualified teacher support to all Fast Track families.  The key is individualization of educational services to students.
These include, but are not limited to:
  • Online Learning for students both in Ketchikan and across Alaska
  • Blended Learning for students at Revilla High School, Ketchikan High School and Schoenbar Middle School
  • Additional onsite resources

Contact Lori Ortiz at 907-228-8801 for more information

PACE Statewide Correspondence School:

  The PACE mission is to provide Personal Alternative Choices in Education.  PACE was developed in response to the growing demand for alternative and homeschool educational settings and curricular choice within the Craig City School District and throughout the State of Alaska.  PACE provides academic and financial support to homeschool families.

      Offering students and parents personal choice is central to the philosophy of the program. PACE employs State of Alaska certified teachers trained in the concepts and unique demands of correspondence, distance, and homeschool education. PACE’s greatest strength is our ability to work with individual families to develop unique educational programs that will benefit each student who enrolls in our program.

Contact Jennifer Whicker at 907-225-3274 or for more information

Special Education Resources for Parents and Educators:

The Special Education Service Agency Library includes information on special education and disabilities. The library provides information and equipment to anyone in the state of Alaska so they may help individuals with special needs, or have an opportunity to develop a better understanding of special needs. SESA’s collection includes instructional, parental and braille materials, ebooks, videos, and 800+ titles related to autism. Anyone in the state of Alaska may borrow materials. Borrowing is free and items lend for up to 60 days.